For A Sustainable Future

Mirlando Solar

Mirlando Solar offers solar energy systems and solutions in diverse and also challenging climatic conditions. New energy storage solutions have opened up new opportunities to produce our energy sustainably and be less reliant on the grid. With the support of our valued ethical partners we can provide high-quality cost-effective solutions, made in Germany.

The systems and solutions we provide are:

For any solution you will receive full support. Our services include:

Solar Energy Systems

Our solar energy solutions are suitable for demanding climatic conditions. They are durable and can resist high humidity levels, sandstorms, and air with high salt content. Our focus lies on off-grid or grid-assisted solar systems. This includes larger scale systems, e.g. for housing developments, as well as mobile and stand-alone systems. Mobile applications can be for boats or vehicles for both commercial use or leisure.

High manufacturing standards, certification testing (according to TÜV, IEC and VDE standards), and continuous quality tests and controls, including testing for safety, snow loads, ammonia and salt corrosion resistance, and degradation allow for long lifetimes and warranty periods up to 30 years. The panels give high yields through the use of crystalline high-performance cells, even under cloudy conditions.

Solar Lighting

As with the solar energy systems, our focus for solar lighting lies on high quality and output, suitability for the most difficult climatic conditions and remote areas, affordability, and the positive impact on people’s lives. The lights are made in Germany. They are of high quality, weather resistant, have a high output, and a long life span and warranty period.

Typically, the lights are used in residential areas, such as new housing developments, urban areas, villages, and individual houses, but they can also be used in business parks, on construction sites or for other facilities The places can be both urban and very remote as the lights are designed to be stand-alone, low maintenance systems in their own right.

For our charity projects we are planning to provide lighting and electricity for small medical facilities in villages in Northern Senegal. We are also supporting project 33: plastic R3FORM3D a plastic recycling project, by providing solar lighting and a solar energy system. Project 33 will have different project locations, starting in Germany, West Africa, and Nepal. You can find out more about these projects here.

Our solar lights are completely autonomous. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand heat, rain and sandstorms. The lights can be controlled remotely. The duration of the light provision can be pre-set and amended if necessary and the energy storage capacity is sufficient to allow for the energy-saving, bright LED lights to work, even if the conditions change and there is no direct sunlight over a couple of days.

The lights can also include a charging unit in the mast allowing for mobile devices to be charged. We can also provide lights with WLAN depending on the signals available.

We also have a number of smart devices for controlling the energy and providing security around the home and offer smart home technology solutions. 

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or call us on 0330 088 3608.